Shipping Info

Important Shipping Info

First of all, thanks for supporting Hangin With The Homies! The fact you've chosen to ride around shinin' with one of our air fresheners is very much appreciated. However, please consider the following info.

Hangin With The Homies is an Australian company. Shipping to any country outside of Australia or the USA normally takes around 2-3 weeks, and can sometimes take even longer.

We ship all orders within two working days of receiving payment. Most of the time we do it the very next day. We understand the urgency to get these Homies out as quickly as possible, however what happens after that is not under our control. The postal service takes it from there, and some crazy shit can happen with the postal service.

We make these air fresheners because they're fun and people dig 'em. We're not here to ruin Christmas. Please consider shipping times before you order.


...and a few from our FAQ that make sense here too:

How long will my package take to arrive?

Items are shipped out of Chicago via USPS, and will generally take a few days.

Items are shipped out of Melbourne, and will generally take 2-4 days (WA takes a little longer).

Rest Of The World:
The Homies are shipped out of Australia. International orders will generally arrive in 2-3 weeks, but can sometimes take longer

Has my order shipped?

The Homies are generally shipped out the day after you make your purchase. 

Will I receive shipping confirmation?

At this point, no. Unfortunately we have simply had too many orders to send shipping notification emails.

Will I receive a tracking number?

Tracking numbers are currently available for the US only.